About Us

What We Really Do Blah blah?

We help you realize your vision with swift and exceptional client support. Share your concept, upload your design, or convey your ideas to our team, and they’ll curate a complimentary mockup exclusively for you. Whether it’s your business logo or your astrological sign, the silhouette of your beloved city’s skyline, or any other photogenic neon emblem that you desire to showcase on your Instagram feed, the possibilities are endless. Whatever your imagination conjures, our team is dedicated to turning your creative visions into brilliant realities. We also enhance the security of your online transaction using our safeguarded and encrypted 3D checkout process.

Our Vision Blah blah

Craft a neon passionately curates its LED drawing inspiration from diverse artistic traditions across the globe, catering to the preferences of every art enthusiast. Explore our assortment of pre-designed neon signs, spanning an array of artistic styles – from Britain’s vibrant pop art to the abstract allure of NYC’s urban art scene. These captivating designs have been artfully transformed into luminous neon masterpieces, infusing your space with a tasteful and vibrant aesthetic flair. Furthermore, we provide PVC waterproof neon signs that are designed for outdoor application in light rain conditions, offering commendable water and weather resistance.

Our Humble Beginning Blah blah

Established in 2018, Custom Neon Sign Art was conceived by Adam Smith, a visual artist. Unlike numerous artists who nurtured their artistic inclinations from childhood, Adam’s journey into art didn’t commence until later. Initially discouraged by unsuccessful attempts at drawing, he eventually embraced the creative journey marked by productive setbacks and remarkably surprising outcomes. Adam’s aspiration was to make the allure and radiance of LED neon art easily attainable in everyone’s lives with a simple click. Thus, he established the Custom Neon Sign Art platform.

Our Dedicated Summer Camp Team

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We are dedicated to ensuring the future success of our business, the well-being of our employees, and the preservation of the environment. We actively support impactful climate initiatives, such as projects that promote carbon reduction and reforestation. You can assess the extent of our influence in this area through the provided link.

Our Sales & Design process operates entirely without the need for paper. Our boxes, which are fully recyclable, are imprinted using soy-based inks and customized to match each specific sign, thereby minimizing unnecessary packaging. Additionally, our approach involves using biodegradable bags for shipping accessories. We strongly encourage our customers to reutilize these boxes to not only streamline the installation process but also to securely store and transport their signs.

We are in a continuous pursuit of strategies that enhance sustainability, aiming to incorporate materials for internal packaging that are recyclable or biodegradable, accounting for 70% of the total, by the year 2024.

Furthermore, we’ve collaborated closely with a prominent international brand on an array of waste-free signs. These signs utilize leftover LED neon fragments to craft distinctive pieces of branded artwork, embodying both creativity and environmental responsibility.

Adam Smith CEO/Founder

Thomas Snow Art Neon Production Mgr.

Andrew Kowalsy Support Manager

Callisa Clark Global Operation & SEO

Nick Brown Web Dev. Manager

Elena Mcwen Marketing & Sales Manager

Our Services

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We’ll meticulously trace your logo, utilizing its contours to craft a visually captivating illuminated sign. This creation can be enhanced with UV printing, colored backboards, and other enhancements. Explore our array of logo light signs for businesses and discover the diverse array of LED neon logos we expertly produce. With our RGB product, you have the power to effortlessly alter your sign’s color, initiate flashing, pulsating, or flickering effects, or adjust its brightness and dimness – all with a simple touch of a button!

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Our expertise lies in crafting custom-designed signs tailored to our customers’ exact requirements. Within our standard selection, we are adept at producing LED Neon signs across a spectrum of 13 exquisite colors.

Presenting IP67 Waterproof Rated Outdoor Signs, available in the same expansive color range as our indoor signs. These outdoor signs provide a perfect solution for exterior signage needs and outdoor events.

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Our signs can be fashioned in an extensive variety of shapes to align with your specifications. Instead of settling for a mere rectangle, our custom-crafting approach empowers you to unleash your creativity and explore beyond the confines of convention!

UV printing stands as a potent method for incorporating a crisp, lively image or text onto your sign’s backboard. This technique excels at capturing intricate details such as gradients or smaller design elements that might be unsuitable for LED Neon. We possess the ability to match any Pantone code or CMYK breakdown, ensuring precision in color representation!

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With our RGB offering, you have the capability to alter your sign’s color, initiate flashing, pulsating, or flickering effects, as well as adjust its brightness and dimness, all with a simple touch of a button! Explore illustrations of the RGB color changing signs we’ve crafted.

Crafting captivating animated signs is our forte. We possess the ability to program distinct segments of your sign with animations that span up to 12 steps.

What can we do for you ?

We take delight in lending an ear and engaging with you. Our approachable client support team is merely a message away. Reach out to us via email, text, or phone call.

Similar to the way we enhance the brilliance of your custom neon LED sign art, we also provide an additional layer of security to your online transactions through our secure SSL certificate and encrypted 3D checkout process with OTP authentication if required.

Acrylic Neon Signs stand as the superheroes among Neon Signs. Renowned for their exceptional durability, Acrylic Neon Signs boast an impressive operational lifespan of 100,000 hours. Unfazed by various weather conditions, these signs remain resilient.

Crafted as unified, seamless designs devoid of joints, they feature waterproof glue coating, drain holes at their base, and waterproof LED strips for illumination, earning them an IP65 rating. Ideal for outdoor applications, Acrylic Neon Signs confidently withstand rain, dust, and snow, radiating their luminance steadfastly.

Additionally, we present PVC waterproof neon signs that are well-suited for outdoor utilization in light rain conditions, showcasing commendable resistance to water and various weather conditions. These signs are an optimal choice if you seek to economize without compromising on the effectiveness of IP65-rated Neon Signs.

With meticulous care, we personally pack your custom neon sign, ensuring a rapid, complimentary, and secure delivery, relieving you of any concerns or lengthy waits.

Free Standard Shipping

All of our custom-made and store products are typically delivered within around 3 weeks.

Expedited Shipping

Impatient for your order? We have a solution with our expedited shipping option. For a modest additional fee of $50, you can have your neon sign delivered within 10 business days.

In the rare instance that your sign experiences damage during transit, rest assured that Custom Neon Sign Art will take the necessary measures to provide a solution. We highly recommend inspecting your Custom Neon package upon receipt. To qualify for a replacement, any damage must be reported within 14 days from the date of delivery of your Custom Neon Sign Art. Reports of damage or faults made beyond this timeframe will adhere to our standard returns and refunds policy and won’t fall within the scope of warranty coverage. It’s important to note that the delivery date is the date indicated by the courier’s delivery, which can be ascertained by following the instructions in your tracking email. Should you believe your item has sustained transit-related damage and you are within the 14-day claim period, kindly reach out via email to your assigned LED Neon Designer or select the “Delivery/Faults/Returns” option on the contact form. Ensure that you provide all of the following essential information:

1. A clear photograph depicting the damage to the sign.

2. A clear photograph illustrating the box and any visible damage to the outer packaging.

3. A clear photograph of the shipping label affixed to the box.